How Is Mother's Day Celebrated In Peru?

Mothers' Day is just a few weeks away.

Naturally, you must be wondering what to get your mom to show her how much you love and cherish her. In Peru too, Mothers' Day is celebrated in a big, big way!

Let's have a look: 

It's Time For Presents & Merriment! 

Unlike the rest of the world, Mothers' Day celebrations in Peru go on an entire week and not just on the second Sunday in May. There are special dinners, lunches, and parties that take place throughout the week. Children sing songs, recite poetry, and the entire family arranges get-togethers to honor mothers. 

To commemorate this occasion, people shower their moms with presents and flowers. Expect a lot of rush inside Peruvian gift shops and at the florist's store too! 

Many events also take place around this time. If you would like to take your mom out for a fun evening, you'll have a lot of options. Numerous musical shows and entertaining events are organized specially for all the moms out there to have a great time! 

Honoring The Deceased 

During the week, people also visit the graveyard to pay their respects to deceased mothers. This is a tradition that's meaningful and unique to the Peruvian culture. You'll even find signs at gates of graveyards that read "Feliz Dia Mama" (which translates to Happy Mothers' Day)

he relatives gather with food and drinks to express their love and gratitude to mothers who have passed on to the other side. Fresh flowers are placed on the graves, which are also cleaned. 

As you can see, Mothers' Day is observed very enthusiastically in Peru, and it has a deep socio-cultural significance. Moms are miracles in themselves, and Peruvians walk the extra mile to honor the wonder that they are! The entire atmosphere is joyful, and the positivity is exceptionally infectious! 

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