A Guide To Storing Alpaca Garments In The Summer Season

Now that summers are back in full swing; your alpaca garments need to be tucked away with some special love and care. Finding 100% original alpaca wear can be quite a task, so if you get your hands on one, make sure that you store them carefully to retain their luxurious look and feel. Here are a few tips for keeping alpaca clothes right: 

Method Of Storing Alpaca Garments

Moths love alpaca wool, so walk the extra mile to store your beloved alpaca garment in airtight boxes. These pesky tiny insects can quickly destroy your clothes if you’re not careful and can inhabit your closets, attics, and any other place that’s dark and humid. Invest in a few boxes to prevent extensive damage from moth infestation during the summers. [Wiki: how to store winter cloths?]

Other than this, you can also get bags that are resilient and moth-proof. Also, throw in a piece of natural moth repellent in the box or bag. Bonus tip: Want to prevent funky smells? Throw in a packet of dried lavender to the mix. 

Wash Your Alpaca Wear Before Storing

Secondly, make sure that you wash your alpaca garments before retiring them for the summer season. Granted, that one doesn’t sweat as much during winters, but a lot of dirt can build up in your clothes over time. You don’t want this to weigh down your garment! Moreover, nothing makes one happier than finding a new, clean alpaca sweater that’s ready to be worn when the winter chill starts setting in again. 

After you’re done washing it, air it out. It should be 100% dry when you store it. Failure to do so may lead to mold growth. To be on the safe side, you can always consider getting it dry cleaned. 

Fold or Not To Fold?

Thirdly, you must know how to fold your alpaca wear properly. Hanging them on hangers in your closet for months at a time may loosen the fabric. We recommend that you fold them carefully and lay them flat instead. 

Alpaca garments are precious! With the proper care, they will last you for years. We hope that these tips help you to preserve your favorite alpaca wear. If you’re looking for Peruvian garments and accessories, this is the right place to be. Explore our collection today