Colca Fabrics

A family business with over 20 years of experience in the production of fabrics made of Alpaca fibers and also blended with other natural fibers. 

Colca Fabrics is a family company dedicated to the production of accessories made of ALPACA fibers to satisfy the needs and demands of the most exclusive markets in the World.

Colca Fabrics brings 100% Peruvian quality products to the world. ALPACA fiber is a soft, silky, and luxurious product that has more than 17 natural colors in blacks, whites, and browns. People who wear ALPACA garments choose them because of their thermal qualities and resistance to weather conditions, also because of their softness, versatility, and Hypoallergenic qualities.

These and many other reasons make Alpaca garments both durable but, at the same time, elegant products that are hard to forget and give you a sensation of being closer to nature.