Arturo Ramos

Ayacuchan retablo, an Andean art with hundreds of years of presence in Peru, will never be destined for extinction. The reason? Because there are still other young artisans like Jose Arturo Ramos Vallejo is the irrefutable proof that. He carefully works these colorful dioramas a profitable way of life.

A descendant of generations of artisans in whose hands rests the future of an Andean people’s identity. “I feel a bit of pride to live in Ayacucho with all its cultural wealth. But I also feel bad that some cultures are being lost,”

“My wish is for people to accept what we want to communicate with our experiences and folklore. I hope to motivate more people to take up this art form and I want them to appreciate what we offer with our retablos,” he says.

Due to COVID-19, Arturo Ramos turned his creativity to create a high-quality two fill hand-painted cover face mask. Proved to be a new fashion sensation, very well accepted among his clientele who are falling in love with his new work but also because he is helping many families who work with with to make these face mask.

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