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Collectible Bere’s Mommy & Me Eco-friendly Cotton Handmade Doll


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Tired of seeing the same dolls everywhere? Looking for something meaningful for babies and kids that will make you feel special?  

This meaningful handmade Mommy & Me Bere doll designed by Claudia Llosa for Bere’s World may be what you are looking for.

Hand made in the Perú with High-quality safety environmental soft plush fabric and PP cotton filler. It is also washable, you will also enjoy its lightweight and perfect size (16”). Your baby will snuggle in her/his arm and play all day.

MEANINGFUL GIFT                                                                                                                  For Babies & kids, they will fall in love with our Bere doll and play with them as their playmates. Bere's doll is very popular with babies, children, and even adults. Some of them play with it or hug it to sleep. It can help sleep more soundly & feel in good company It will make a meaningful gift for that good friend or for your special someone.

FANTASTIC PACKAGING                                                                                                      Mommy & Me Bere's doll + (1) Peruvian huayruro seeds bracelet for little girls and a handmade eco-bag.

ECOFRIENDLY                                                                                                                Peruvian Huayruros Bracelets are carefully handmade with a high-quality stretch cord and natural 5mm seeds. For centuries huayruros seeds are considered a symbol of prosperity, love, and happiness. It is a tradition to gift newborns a baby huayruro bracelet as a symbol of protection, prosperity, and good luck in their life. All Huayruro seeds are handpicked by a fair paid organized community. environmentally responsible sources and practices.                                                                           

Proceeds of the sales are used to continue Empowering Women Entrepreneur Programs. If you don’t absolutely love our products we will give your money back, no questions asked.                

If you don’t absolutely love our products we will give your money back, no questions asked. Try it risk-FREE, TODAY, ADD TO CART NOW


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