Why Does Your Wardrobe Need Winter Wear Made Of Alpaca Wool?

With temperatures dipping, you surely must have got all your woolens out to keep yourself cozy and warm! But how about trying something different this year — something like luxury knits made out of alpaca wool instead of traditional sheep wool? In this blog, we will walk you through the benefits they come with: 


It’s warmer 

Did you know that alpaca wool is way warmer than sheep wool? The former is hollow, while the latter’s yarn has empty spaces in between, thus allowing chilly air to pass through. It is believed to be seven times warmer than sheep wool, has enhanced thermal insulation capacity, yet; it is light too. 


It’s hypoallergenic 

Get itchy all over whenever you put on winter-wear made of sheep wool? The reason behind this might be that sheep wool contains a natural substance known as lanolin in high amounts. 

However, that’s not the case with alpaca wool. Whatever the minimum amount of lanolin is present in the shorn wool is eliminated during making woolen wear out of it. So, you are less likely to suffer from an allergic reaction. If you hate the prickly feeling you get when you wear brand new sweaters, then clothes made from Peruvian Andes alpaca wool is the way to go.


It is water-repellent and naturally fire-resistant as well

Alpaca wool has better fire resistance capabilities when compared with the fur of other animals. Because of its excellent fiber texture, it burns slower than its counterparts. In addition to this, it has high sulfur levels, which lower its susceptibility to catching fire.

Interestingly, although alpaca wool is not entirely waterproof, it can repel water to some extent. Unlike sheep wool, it does not absorb water quickly and offers exceptional wicking capabilities. So, winter-wear made out of alpaca yarn is perfect for the snowy days ahead! 


It’s softer 

Who doesn’t like fabrics that glide smoothly on the skin? Alpaca wool winter wears are exceptionally gentle on the skin and feels silky, luxurious to touch. Since it has lesser scales, the fleece is more comfortable to wear. Another important fact worth mentioning here is that it also does not pill and sag like sheep wool. It is also more popular than cashmere in high-end fashion corridors because it offers extra warmth and maintains an aura of exclusivity even now! 

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