The global Peruvian Pride celebration occurs on July 28th, the day of Peruvian independence. However, some may celebrate it every day. For Peruvians, every day it is good to celebrate everything and anything.
Different parts of the world get ready for this BIG celebrations. All the Peruvian Embassies around the world celebrate it. First with a catholic service, then a cocktail, dances and music and some cities a famous Peruvian Parade.
That is the case, for example, of the city of Patterson in NJ, very well known for its Peruvian Parade, where you will see from Peruvian Paso Horses to alpacas, traditional Peruvian dances, traditional dishes, and more.
Of course, this is a different year due to the Pandemic. Although various virtual celebrations are happening worldwide from Spain to Japan and the United States, different states have virtual Peruvian Independence celebrations.

I remember those days in school when we had to wear special Peruvian cockade as it shows in the picture. We will wear our school uniforms and our Peruvian cockade ribbon decoration for the whole month of July. Even if you would go to do groceries, all the grocery store employees will be using one. It is considered a symbol of pride.

We have introduced and sold our Peruvian Cockades and Peruvian Flag pins with a lot of success. Metal lapel pins carefully handpainted with our traditional red and white color. They are available in our amazon shop.

Peruvian Lapel Pin – SHOP NOW & SHOW YOUR PRIDE!
Peruvian Lapel Pin SHOP NOW & SHOW YOUR PRIDE!

I remember those days in school when we had to wear a special Peruvian cockadehttps://www.amazon.com/Peruvian-Official-Lapel-Pin-handpainted/dp/B07F5R8LHJ/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=peruvian+lapel+pin&qid=1595693501&sr=8-8

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