This Is Why Your Baby Needs Alpaca Fur Soft Toys

Hug-worthy, kissable, and warm - soft toys are our go-to choices when we feel like gifting something cute to babies and little children. And why not? They are an instant hit and bring so much joy to the one who receives them. Moreover, children can play with soft toys and then cuddle up close when they need a nap. So naturally, it’s one of the best presents you can give to these tiny tots. 


Peruvian Toy Dolls Stuffed With Alpaca Fur

Peru Gift Shop brings to you an assortment of cuddly, soft toys - from teddy bears, baby elephants, fur lions, to even handmade dolls. Wondering what sets our soft toys apart from the rest? Read on!


100% Baby Alpaca Fur Toys

There are numerous reasons why you should totally get your hands on our cute soft toys. For starters, they are lovingly handmade by some of the best Peruvian artisans. Every single piece is unique in itself and is of the highest quality. As an ethical business, we take great care to ensure that alpaca fibers come from cruelty-free sources. 


Stuffed toys made by peruvian artisans


Just as your child is one-in-a-million, similarly, no two soft toys are the same, since they have been made by hand. Moreover, it is made of the finest, fluffiest baby alpaca fur so your little one is going to fall in love with it! 


Alpaca fibers are completely hypoallergenic, making them the perfect material for plushies. You won’t have to worry about sneezing fits or rashes of any kind as it’s extremely soft. And as we have already mentioned, we offer a wide variety of plushy options so you will be spoilt for choice. 


Peruvian Artisans crafting alpaca toys


The warmth of an alpaca fur soft toy can work wonders in making your child calm and ushering in sleep. It might also come in handy during the days when they seek comfort and face separation anxiety. It is super-gentle on the skin and can also serve as a leg pillow for your child. Dreamless nights ahead! 


Want to gift something meaningful and extra special to your little bundle of joy? Look no further than super cute alpaca fur soft toys.

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