Things Peru Is Famous For (Apart From Alpaca)

What comes to mind when you count the things Peru is renowned for? The Inca Empire? The Machu Picchu citadel? The luxurious Peruvian handmade baby alpaca wear?

From the diverse flora and fauna (think the Amazon and adorable alpacas) to a UNESCO World Heritage site, this South American country has so much more to offer to the traveler in you. 

Whether you are a travel blogger who is always on explore-o-clock or taking your first international trip to Peru, you must prepare an itinerary for a fun-filled vacation. 

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Coming back to the top things you should explore in Peru:

1. The Inca Trail Adventure 


The country boasts of a picturesque landscape. So, put on your hiking shoes and get-set-exploring. 

The Inca trail is a long hike that takes you through ancient paths at the end of which lies the majestic cloud-shrouded Andean Mountains. The trail is full of cultural centers and is truly rewarding. 

It is important to make prior bookings and obtain the required permissions as there is a daily limit on the number of people allowed to go on the trail.

2. The City of Cusco  


A UNESCO World Heritage site and the Incan homeland, Cusco, is located nearby the Valley of the Andes. 

The area has been home to diverse cultures before reaching its administrative, military, and religious peak during the Incan empire, between the time period 13th and 16th centuries. Head to the city to soak in Incan history and spectacular landscape. Hire a local guide for an enriching experience.  

3. The Rainbow Mountain Spectacle
Rainbow Mountain

The lagoon-laden landscape of Peru hides another gem, popularly referred to as the Rainbow Mountain. A three hours drive will take you to the site, which is considered sacred by the locals.   

The mountains boast a 5200 meters altitude and unique geology. Hundreds of tourists visit to view the beautiful spectacle. If you want to trek up to the mountains, make prior tour reservations for a smooth experience.

4. The Gram-worthy Dune Hiking


About three hours from Peru’s capital, Lima, lies a small desert town Huacachina. Here’s a fact about the town that will wake up the adventure junkie in you - sand dunes reaching up to 1000 meters surround this quaint desert town.

It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, and the landscape is Instagram-worthy. Capture a sunset shot, and your post will rake in likes!  

5. The Peruvian Cuisine Delicacies - Ceviche and Pisco 


No vacation should end without exploring the cuisine of the country. When in Peru, treat your palate to mouth-watering ceviche (national food of Peru) and sip some pisco sour. 

If you are a seafood connoisseur, you will love the ceviche taste. It is often served with sweet potato, lettuce, or avocado. Pisco sour is concocted with Peruvian brandy, fresh lime juice, and egg whites, and you probably won’t stop at one. You can visit the town of Ica, famous for pisco tasting tours.  

Pack your bags, book your tickets, and visit Peru! AND don’t leave without shopping for premium Peruvian handmade baby alpaca wear from Peru Gift Shop.