Here’s Why You Should Switch to Ethical Peruvian Jewelry Brands In 2022

When was the last time you went on a jewelry shopping spree? Whether you visited a retail store or browsed online shops, you likely ended up buying items that were not on your to-buy list. Was it the highly discounted sale prices or the originally cheap price tags that led to the spontaneous decision? 

The trend of fast fashion is to blame. We are attracted to the ‘cheap chic’ that guides our shopping choices. Most of these items are disposed of after being adorned a couple of times. 

BUT there is an urgent need to eliminate the fast fashion trend. At its bedrock lies the harsh realities of labor exploitation and environmental disaster. Carefully handmade Peruvian ethical jewelry is the perfect alternative. 

Understanding Ethical Jewelry

What does ethical jewelry represent? 

It is about the entire supply chain, focusing on the fair treatment of the workforce. That includes safe working conditions, fair remuneration, appreciating their culture and traditions rather than appropriating. 

The Positives of Switching to Ethical Jewelry 

1. Respecting the Environment 

Ethical Peruvian jewelry brands share a respect for the environment. The raw materials used come from certified environmentally responsible sources and practices. So, it is not an either-or when it comes to fashion and being eco-friendly.

2. Supporting Ethical Working Practices

By choosing carefully handmade Peruvian ethical jewelry, you also indirectly contribute to workers’ rights. Ethical brands are committed to fair wages, a happy working environment, and training the artisans. 

3. Supporting Peruvian Artisans

When you make a purchase from ethical Peruvian brands like the Peru Gift Shop, you are supporting local Peruvian artisans. No matter how small the purchase is, it will make a positive difference in their lives.  

Ethical Peruvian Jewelry Brands 

1.Evelyn Brooks

Evelyn Brooks crafts stunning, eco-friendly jewelry pieces using HUAYRUROS (natural red and black seeds from the Peruvian Amazon). Ethnic groups handpick the seeds from the Peruvian Amazon and are fairly paid. 

2.Yares Jewelry

Victor Yarleque is the man behind Yares Jewelry. He skillfully blends the traditional filigree techniques into modern designs to create unique, eye-catching pieces. Victor’s work has been showcased not only in Peru but also in Columbia, France, Australia, the United States, and Germany. 


Perico is a Peruvian master artisan, and his specialty is working with fish leather pieces (Mahi-Mahi and Trout). He uses organic dyes and one hundred percent sustainable Peruvian fish leather, which is as much as nine times stronger than regular leather. 

So, when you buy a Perico piece, you invest in sustainable, stylish, eco-friendly, and durable jewelry.

4.Urin Huanca

Urin Huanca is a jewelry brand that has been producing carefully handmade Peruvian ethical jewelry for over 50 years. You will find a tasteful amalgamation of contemporary designs and ethnic, colonial touch in every single piece. 

Let’s make a New Year’s resolution a few weeks earlier. Let’s pledge to switch to ethical Peruvian jewelry brands and eliminate fast fashion from our shopping dictionary! 

Shop with a cause in 2022. Browse the collection of above mentioned ethical Peruvian jewelry brands online at Peru Gift Shop.