Learn To Keep Your Favorite Alpaca Woolen Items Stain-Free

We love sweaters, mittens, scarves, and caps made of 100% alpaca wool, and we know that you do too! And why not? They look good and feel amazing. More importantly, if you treat them right, they will last you for years. 

Maintaining your alpaca wear wardrobe shouldn’t be all that difficult. Your alpaca wear care routine should ideally involve washing and storing them well. The next thing that you need to be mindful of is keeping such garments free of stains! The good news is that alpaca wool is stain-resistant to a certain degree because liquids are more likely to remain on the surface instead of penetrating deep within the uniquely textured fibers. 

However, you must know how to eliminate stains if you seek to preserve the beauty of clothing made of alpaca wool. Here is a guide that we have prepared for you: 

Removing stains from alpaca wool garments 

If you have spilled liquid on your lovely alpaca sweater, get to work immediately! Wipe the excess liquid as soon as possible using a clean cloth, or dab it with a tissue so that it absorbs most of it. Treat the stain by placing the garment under cold running water and then squeeze it very gently. To prevent it from sagging, make sure that you place a dry towel underneath the garment's wet part. 
Next, soak that particular part in cold water and vinegar. If this doesn’t help to fade out the stain, we recommend dry cleaning. This might be the only solution to stubborn stains that refuse to go.

Remember that alpaca products are different from blended or sheep wool ones. Treat them with love to delay signs of wear and tear. Do not wring them vigorously to get them to dry faster. Gentle hand-washing with mild shampoo or soap is the best idea when it comes to cleaning them.

Add more years to your prized alpaca woolen wear and keep them shiny, soft, and free of stains by following these tips. Looking for stylish, sustainable, and durable winter wear that makes you feel like a million dollars? Look no further than our stunning alpaca wool winter collection