How To Tell Original Alpaca Wool Sweaters From Fakes

So, you have your eyes on a gorgeous sweater that you believe has been made of pure baby alpaca wool. But are you sure that it’s the real thing? That’s because alpaca garments are in high demand, and many synthetic ones have flooded the market! 

Do bear in mind that every garment with the tag of baby alpaca wool might not be an authentic one. The problem lies in the fact that it can be quite challenging to tell an original alpaca wool sweater from a fake. But not to worry; in this blog, we will share a few tips so that you can make a well-informed purchase: 

  1. Feel it: Alpaca wool is generally cool to touch. However, sweaters made of acrylic fabrics tend to be warmer. Take your time to see how it feels. 

  2. Assess color: Funky, extremely bright garments are more likely to be made of synthetic fibers. However, garments made of alpaca wool usually stay loyal to the actual color of the wool or, at the most, is dyed using natural dyes. You will find them in muted shades, especially in black, brown, grey, or white colors. 

  3. Check weight: Alpaca garments are on the heavier side when compared with their synthetic counterparts. But do remember that it is lighter than cashmere. 

  4. Worth: If the price is extremely low, the chances are high that the sweater is of questionable quality. Baby alpaca wool does not come cheap, primarily because of its exceptional properties and the fact that it has been procured from the animal's first shearing. Moreover, it is luxurious to touch, super-soft, and cozy. No wonder it comes with a high price tag! 

  5. Comfort: Unlike blended fabrics, sweaters made of alpaca wool isn’t rough or coarse. This should be the deciding factor as other options usually feel itchy against the skin. Another essential factor to note is that alpaca sweaters don’t typically have small balls of fibers hanging onto the surface. 

To buy sweaters crafted out of 100% original baby alpaca wool, make sure that you get in touch with reputed retailers. When you do this, you not only get yourself the real deal, but you also support local artisans who work hard to keep the ancient tradition and art alive. Get in touch with us today for more information.