Commemorating National Hispanic Heritage Month From Your Home

Hispanic Americans have made unique, rich contributions to the entire fabric of American society and brought with them traditions and legacies to the new land.

Therefore, every year, from September 15 to October 15, the United States of America commemorates the history and culture of Hispanic Americans and their ancestors who arrived from Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean to live the Great American Dream. 

So, how do you celebrate National Hispanic History Month from your home? We have a few recommendations for you: 




Show your support for Latinx- and Hispanic-owned businesses

By supporting minority communities, you help to create more opportunities for them and their families. You also play an integral role in promoting entrepreneurial equity. If you are looking for a few businesses that sell meaningful products online, do check out Peru Gift Shop’s exclusive range of handcrafted alpaca wear that’s perfect for the cold winters ahead. 

Whip up a traditional meal

One of the best ways to honor the special occasion would be to cook a Hispanic- or Latin-inspired meal. Go beyond tacos and fajitas. We are talking about one-pot Mexican steak and potato stew with guajillo sauce, classic Cuban sandwiches, Lomo saltado, and more! How about pairing these phenomenal dishes with Hispanic cocktails? 

Play songs of Hispanic & Latinx artists 

Tune in to Selena’s, Luis Fonsi’s hits while preparing the lunch! Or, if you would like to walk the extra mile, make yourself a playlist of traditional music. This will help you and your family to appreciate the rich artistic history of these communities. 

Read up 

How about learning about the history of Hispanic Americans through a few books? If reading is not your thing and you would like a break from staying home all day, consider going to a nearby museum that contains artifacts and information about Hispanic culture and heritage. Besides this, you can also choose to watch a YouTube video or listen to podcasts that focus on Hispanic history. 


There are several causes you can support and thereby, ultimately support the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Are you interested in supporting student education? You could think about donating towards scholarship funds. Or perhaps you’d like to offer your support to nonprofits that help Hispanic and Latinx entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by equipping them with the tools and resources they need? Think about the change you’d like to make and choose a cause that you are passionate about. 

Last, but not the least, another special recommendation would be to take up language classes! These activities will not only help you to appreciate the culture better, but it will also help in making a difference.