John Barrow, a British Peruvian engineer based in Perú, together with his wife Martha Garcia de Barrow and daughter Maritza Barrow de Bettocchi, has created intricate wood art pieces for over 40 years delighting customers from around the world with its exquisite and delicate masterpieces.

Each Work of Art forms a dramatic jigsaw puzzle with dozens of unique pieces resulting in a harmonious and pleasant object for decoration and collection. The process is done with rigorous quality control that makes each work unique and exclusive. For these reasons, they are appreciated by select consumers in many parts of the world.

The woods used to make each piece comes from the Amazon rainforest but are not those classed as endangered. The materials used for painting, finishing, and adhesives are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Woodflair gives work to young people at risk of falling into bad habits or crime and who have no previous work experience. We train and pay them fair wages and assist them with lodgings and health insurance.