Yares Jewelry

Sterling Silver Filigree Peruvian Turquoise Moon Earrings


$160 $210

Looking for something original that will make you feel elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous?

These carefully handmade earrings by Yares Jewelry may be what you are looking for!

Hand made with .999 threads of sterling silver, 8mm Peruvian turquoise, and sterling silver delicate accents; you won’t be just wearing a fashionable piece, but also some of Peru’s treasures and mysteries…

The Legend

Peruvian Turquoise brings protection & strength to the person that wears them. This stone has been worn for hundreds of years, even by Incan royalty in South America. These earrings will make a meaningful gift for that good friend or for your special someone. It will put a giant smile on her face!

Gorgeous Design

Featuring an intricate design made of long-lasting materials. You can wear it with many different outfits; from the casual tee and jeans to a more elegant dress, this versatility makes buying jewelry painless and easy!

Lifetime Investment

Our pieces will last a lifetime. Buy just one, two, or three great pieces to wear on special occasions instead of acquiring a drawer full of jewelry you rarely wear. 


Peruvian Turquoise is handpicked by a fair paid organized community.                   Yares jewelry works its designs with metals that come from certified environmentally responsible sources and practices. Who said looking great can’t contribute to the environment?

If you don’t absolutely love our products we will give your money back, no questions asked. Try it risk-FREE, TODAY, ADD TO CART NOW

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