Committed to saving the Peru Amazon.

Fashion for Conservation launched “RUNWAY TO PERU” event produced by ADOT Productions in collaboration with some of the best Peruvian designers, we joined forces in a one night event to benefit 

The fashion show was held at the popular METROPOLIS of Seattle – Washington, and brought some of the most notable fashionistas, art lovers and supporters, whom where blown away by the production of the show and the creativity put on the runway from designers like Augusto Manzanares, Jose Zafra, Privat Collection, Las Polleras de Agus, (ME) Evelyn Brooks Designs.

Through tickets sold, a silent auction program, and money donated from sales done through the art market, Fashion for Conservation – Runway to Peru benefiting Hoja Nueva was able to raise over 15K dollars that will be used for different programs in the Amazons of Peru.

Part of our business mission is to help communities in need, even more so when is about saving our Peruvian Amazons. I have seen first hand that education is a big problem in communities that are isolated, where in small towns there is only one school house that has students from different ages under one roof.


Part of the money donated will help to buy educational materials that will advance kids knowledge in the fields of math, language, sciences and environment. This was one of the programs that touched me, as a mompreneur I can’t imagine my kids receiving or being limited to educational material or education in general.

There are many other projects that Hoja Nueva is committed to; and that you could take part in helping SAVE our Peruvian Amazons.

They work in the remote area of Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Peru. Their research center is in the jungle, serves as a local knowledge base led by novel, on-the-ground research, the majority of which involves conservation, education, permaculture, and sustainable community development. The base home hosts staff and local community members, as well as volunteers, interns, researchers, and tourists that share a collective mission to make rainforest conservation a collaborative success in Las Piedras – and all remote rainforest environments like it.

Hoja Nueva as a Peruvian nonprofit confronts deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon by strategically acquiring conservation lands and creating corridors; building capacity within remote and indigenous communities through one health and alternative income opportunities; implementing rigorous scientific research; and reintroducing threatened species to the wild. Hoja Nueva also works with migrant communities that practice large-scale slash and burn agriculture, which diminishes biodiversity by causing habitat destruction and fragmentation. Hoja Nueva’s sustainable cacao agroforestry farms decrease environmental impact, helping train and organize migrant farmers to transition sustainable by obtaining fair wages.

The urgency of conserving the Earth’s rainforests now goes beyond cultural and wildlife preservation. As a component of the recent Paris Accord on climate change, protecting the Amazon rainforest is vital to the planet’s survival. However, more in-situ research is necessary in coupled human-environment systems in the Amazon’s changing landscapes, in addition to biodiverse, healthy rainforests. We consult and cooperate with local governments and departments, as well as agricultural associations and NGOs to ensure sustainable development while maintaining healthy forests, creating a future where both humans and nature can thrive.

Hoja Nueva relies on individual donors like you from all over the world to fund our projects! We normally put on several fundraisers throughout the year to better reach or supporters, but due to the pandemic we are relying upon online donations to continue our important work. All proceeds from our fundraisers support Hoja Nueva’s research and community projects, and keep our nonprofit running! Our Centers serve as pillars of sustainability in the Madre de Dios region welcoming visitors and students from all over the world to experience the jungle and participate in local conservation and community development projects!

Help us in our efforts to create and live in a better world.