Soft 100% Baby Alpaca Fur "KUYCHI UNCLE SAM LLAMA LOVE" • Handmade • Hypoallergenic & Pillow Soft


$29 $44

Why Choose Kuychi Uncle Sam Llama Love?

  1. Authenticity: Our products are authentically crafted by skilled Peruvian artisans, ensuring genuine quality and cultural significance.
  2. Cultural Preservation: By supporting Kuychi, you preserve Peru's ancestral crafts and traditions.
  3. Sustainability: We prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring that our products are made with respect for the environment and the artisans.
  4. Unique Designs: Each Kuychi product is a unique work of art, reflecting Peru's diverse and vibrant culture.

This beautiful "Kuychi Uncle Sam Llama Love" handmade unique gift comes with a story card about how each of our products is made. 

Size 5.5" by 4" 

Embrace the beauty and tradition of Peru with Kuychi. Explore our collection of handcrafted products and discover the stories and heritage woven into each piece. Join us in celebrating and preserving the rich cultural legacy of Peruvian artisans. Kuychi is not just a product; it is a symbol of culture, tradition, and hope.

SHOP NOW & REMEMBER - All our products include a complimentary gift!

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