SHOP FOR GOOD - Help educate & Empower Girls from Sacred Valley Perú

The Sacred Valley Project makes it possible for girls from remote communities in the Andes to receive their high school degree and begin pursuing their dreams.

In Peru, indigenous communities are dispersed throughout the Andes Mountains and lack access to many public services, including education. Children must walk several hours to the nearest elementary school and high schools are often only located in larger town centers, making it too far a journey for daily commute on foot. This lack of access to education presents an even greater challenge for indigenous girls. While many boys move to urban centers to pursue educational opportunities, this same option is not available to most girls.

Only 4 in 10 Peruvian girls from rural Andean communities will graduate from secondary school.

Education for women is an especially important investment as the benefits impact future generations and families. Female education is proven to have a substantial impact on reducing poverty. Studies show that an educated woman is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family, a stronger voice in family negotiations and the ability to advocate for herself and her children.

“The mission of the Sacred Valley Project is to provide boarding and supplementary education for young women from low-income families in remote communities of the Andes so that they can complete their secondary education.  SVP aspires to help educate as many girls as we can, by empowering them to become indigenous leaders who generate positive development. Our vision for this project is that all women in the region have access to quality education and that from this education the community continues to thrive and grow to meet all needs of the people living in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Through the support of Evelyn Brooks Designs and Peru Gift Shop, Sacred Valley Project (SVP) will be able to continue to support our girls despite the challenging times we face due to Covid-19. We will be able to ensure our students are not left behind as a result of the pandemic, have the same access to remote learning as their peers in more urban environments, and we will be able to support them with the technology needed to do so. Thank you Evelyn Brooks Designs and Peru Gift Shop! “ – says Christie Cutler,  Director of Development.

I met Christie in 2018 at a Sacred Valley Project fundraising event in 2018 at the Embassy of Perú and have followed their efforts to help to educate and empower these girls in Cusco Perú.

Help us provide boarding and supplementary education for young women from low-income families in remote areas of the Andes so that they can continue and complete their secondary education.

Creating partnerships like the one we have with the Sacred Valley Project is part of our Peru Gift Shop & Evelyn Brooks Designs commitment. Our efforts to connect artisans/designers, especially during this challenging time, help them and their families while promoting their products and our social responsibility dedication to live in a better world.

Our goal $12000 to help to get laptops & desktops for the Sacred Valley Project

Every time you purchase on Peru Gift Shop o Evelyn Brooks Designs you receive 10% of your 1st order using the code (PGS10FST) and we donate 10% of your purchase to the Sacred Valley Project.

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Evelyn Brooks

“Photos courtesy of Kate Lord Photo and SVP Staff"