Peruvian Flower Vase Decor Ideas: The Christmas Vibe Is On!

October - spooky backyard decor and trick or treating.

November - elaborate meals with roasted turkey and pumpkin pie as the highlights.

December - Hello Christmas!!!

The holiday season is here already. Revamping our homes to complement the mood of the festivities is obviously on our to-do list. We all want to carve the scariest pumpkin in our neighborhoods for Halloween, bake the most delectable pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and decorate our tree to perfection for Christmas. 

Flower vase arrangements are a MUST, no matter the holiday. How about a few holiday-inspired vase decor tips to instantly add a Christmassy vibe to your living space? Unwrap your luxury home decor flower vase handmade in Peru to create stunning flower arrangements this 25th December. (Reference: "How to decorate your home on Christmas Eve?"

Spruce Branches In The Vase

You bring home the perfect Christmas tree but realize that a few branches need trimming. What do you do with the trimmed branches? Why throw them in the trash when they can spruce up your place? Place them in an ornate silver-plated flower vase, and arrange a few around the vase. 

If you are skipping the real tree this Christmas, get a few artificial spruce branches from a dollar store. 

It is an excellent vase arrangement for a fireplace mantel or that empty space on your bookshelf.


Mix It Up

Don’t pack the leftover decorations that didn’t find a place on the tree. Use them to style a bespoke flower vase decor for Christmas. 

Place a dish on top of your vase to put artificial boughs, pine cuttings, gold leaves, and colorful round ornaments. You can create a snowy winter display by dusting fake snow around the arrangement.

Still Life Of The Season 

Take inspiration from the holiday still life to craft a dining table vase decoration that will warm up your breakfast and dinner nook. 

Hues of red and gold are befitting fall and winter colors. Curate an arrangement with leaves painted in these colors, paired with silver snowflakes, and spread some holiday cheer in the house.


Craft A Twig Tree 

Take a luxury home decor flower vase handmade in Peru and take a few twigs. Arrange the twigs in the vase artfully. 


Think of the twigs as the Christmas tree and decorate - pick colorful ornaments, tiny pine cones, and winter berries. 

The arrangement will make a dramatic statement on your sideboard.


BUT FIRST, get home exquisite flower vases to place your arrangements. To buy the finest Peruvian vases, do check out Peru Gift Shop’s online store.


Introduction To Peruvian Artist: 

Plateria Rocio

Over 50 years in the business, Plateria Rocio has been dedicated exclusively to design, produce and commercialize nationally and internationally high-quality silver 925/1000 and finest plaque/1000, with the seal and wisdom behind his founder Ricardo Mantilla Montes, and his team of the crafters who have been loyal to the company for years.