“Lucky” Huayruro Seeds & Peruvian Jewelry: A Guide

Huayruro seeds are known by many names around the world, from Ormosia coccinea, peony seeds, crab’s eye to even ladybug seed! The one we are talking about - the Huayruro seed - is from the beautiful land of Peru, and it has held a special place in Peruvian culture for hundreds and thousands of years. 

Given its stunning appearance, the seeds are also used to make hand-crafted Peruvian jewelry. Vibrant and elegant, these seeds are used in necklaces, earrings as well as charm bracelets.

In this blog, we will shed more light on this seed’s symbolic significance and what makes them so very special: 

Huayruro Seeds And Their Importance In Peruvian Culture 

Huayruro seeds, also called “wayruro” are found in the Peruvian lowlands. These beads have been worn as amulets since the ancient Inca era. Said to bring the wearer lots of riches and good luck, it keeps negative energies at bay, which is why it has held a prominent position in Peruvian culture since time immemorial. 

A typical Huayruro seed is red with a hard-to-miss glossy black spot. Interestingly, these are known as male seeds, while those entirely red are said to be female seeds! Because of these features, it symbolizes fertility and plentitude. It continues to adorn Peruvian silver and beaded jewelry accessories even during this day and age. 

Huayruru earrings, in particular, are in high demand because of the striking contrasts created by the two color tones. And yet, its color is not all that makes it unique. These seeds also have a very unusual shape and texture. The best part is that it is entirely natural! 

Moreover, most artisans who work with Huayruro seeds walk the extra mile through creating breathtaking pieces entirely by hand! They are lightweight too, which is why these accessories are perfect for special events and everyday wear. 

Besides being used to make Peruvian jewelry, lowland people living in the rainforests also believe that the wonder seed has curative properties. The seeds are juiced to treat eye problems like conjunctivitis. 

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