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After my little daughter birth, my husband and I decided to pause our stories and give exclusive motherhood to baby Berenice. It was difficult but I discovered how much love there could be. My daughter Berenice liked to touch and squeeze soft toys and clothes, and I started to look for objects that could fit in that specific characteristic. But I failed in my search.

So, I thought, why if I make that for her? What if use Peruvian cotton which is well-known for its quality and softness worldwide? What if these toys are hand made? And, this is how our sweet little dolls were born. They are made by mothers that, like you, like me, put the best on each effort for our kids. Peruvian women that give their best to produce - with their own hands, these adorable dolls.

Our mini Beres are made with Peruvian cotton, that is the reason for their softness and high quality. They were created thinking of our children as of yours, and each product has a special and delicate touch of ingenuity, creativity and of course, love. I feel really proud of them as they represent what a mother feels, what women can do and what together can bring. Please enjoy them, our mini Beres are looking for a home to share their love. Dolls made by mother’s hands & handmade with love! WELCOME to BERE'S WORLD through the Perú Gift Shop

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