Silver Plated Cheese Knives
Silver Plated Cheese Knives

Silver Plated Cheese Knives

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A beautifully crafted and unique artisan silver plated cheese knives ideal for any special occasion. Perfect for cutting through cheese, it includes 4 specialty cheese tools for hard and soft cheeses. Made with sustainably sourced huayruro seeds and the finest plaque/1000 and resin over one of a kind 5mm huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) and polish finish. 

Make an ideal gift or addition if you love the elegant and modern feel to your kitchen or for that special occasion.

Each piece is carefully hand-crafted to order by Plateria Rocio. Their company has been committed to producing high-quality home decor products for over 60 years and throughout the years have received much recognition for their commitment to socially responsible practices.

Each piece may vary slightly and is completely unique.

You should hand wash your board with warm soapy water.