Exotic & Ecofriendly UNISEX (Mahi-Mahi) Fish Leather Bracelet 7"


This bracelet is handmade with Mahi-mahi leather and Sama silver accent, a sustainable alternative for your conscious choices.
Sama silver is a sustainable and Eco-friendly metal also hypoallergenic that completes the concept of our products.
Our Peruvian Fish Leather is 100% sustainable since all the fish skin we use is from fish market waste.
The whole process in this leather is handcrafted and dyed with organic dyes.
The texture in Mahi-mahi is soft and elegant. You won’t believe once was a fish skin.
Peruvian fish leather is nine times stronger than regular leather to have a durable product lasting for years.
Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Handcrafted, durable, stylish, and unique are our “Peruvian Fish leather” products.

7” L

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