Minimalist Ecofriendly UNISEX Fish Leather Card Wallet - Multiple Colors



This card wallet is a classic piece, artfully slender and handcrafted from Perico. The (Mahi-mahi) leather is a sustainable alternative for your conscious choices.
It is designed to share your journeys and amalgamate them into your daily routine by easily fitting them into your bag and pocket.
Constructed with a functional gusset, it extends enough to keep and safeguard your cash bills and receipts.
Our Peruvian Fish Leather is 100% sustainable since all the fish skin we use is a fish market waste.
Eco-Friendly: Peruvian fish leather is treating without chrome, generally used in all leather tanning processes. The whole process in this leather is handcrafted and dyed with organic dyes.
The Mahi-mahi  texture is soft, unique and elegant. You won’t believe once was a fish skin. It is also nine times stronger than regular leather to have a durable product lasting for years.
Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Handcrafted, durable, and unique are our “Peruvian Fish leather.”
4.5” x 3”

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