Wooden Good Luck Jungle Elephant
Wooden Good Luck Jungle Elephant

Wooden Good Luck Jungle Elephant

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This beautiful handcrafted oak wood elephant is made from genuine oak wood from the rainforest of Perú and will bring joy to anyone who receives it. 

Carefully hand-painted to create this beautiful petite nativity set. 

Each Artwork is formed by a dramatic puzzle with dozens of unique and different from each other pieces ending in a harmonious, pleasant and decorative objects collection. This set of parts manufactured one by one from the wood selection, preparation - cutting that always reflects a position of the grain, sanding the edges, recess, painting and gluing are completely manual.

Woodflair is a GREEN and socially responsible company, they work with large wooden pieces and as they said “we can take advantage of certain residues left by manufacturers of doors and machimbrado and producers of veneering. When buying wood waste that would normally be discarded, we use the Maximum of the felled tree. However, we should mention that all this wood is selected through a rigorous inspection from the Woodflair team. 

Height 24cm / 9.5"

Width 31cm / 13"